We will solve such problems for you
  • Provide
    All competitor data in one interface
    Don't waste precious time collecting prices from online stores and price platforms. We will provide you with prompt access to the current prices of online stores 24/7.
  • Demonstrate
    Whole market analytics
    The multifunctional platform Z-PRICE will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses at a glance. The platform uses summary charts, tables, diagrams to quickly analyze the market situation and build an effective pricing strategy.
  • Save
    Price history for 365 days
    The Z-PRICE system not only scans the current market situation, but also stores information for 365 days, which will allow you to observe the dynamics of price changes. A variety of graphs, charts and reports provide a clear vision of the changes in the Internet channel.
  • Prompt
    An effective pricing strategy
    Refine your pricing strategy based on facts and accurate calculations. Set your business rules and set the best prices for your product. Use our flexible system to customize your pricing strategies.
  • Track
    All promotional offers t
    You will always be aware of how your competitors are attracting customers. Track any type of promotional offers: bonuses, credits, discounts, gifts, top sales, etc.
  • Integrate
    Data to your system via API
    Fully automate all processes and get Z-PRICE data into your e-commerce software.
Upload a price list with a list of your products to the
Z-PRICE system
Select the specific online stores you want to track
Track all changes in the market in a convenient functional panel!
Our MINIMUM Basic Package Includes MAXIMUM Features!
  • Monitoring of 5000 conditional positions

    Our Basic package for retailers includes monitoring of up to 5000 conditional items.

    Conditional items are determined by multiplying the number of goods by the number of stores. For example, 100 products * 50 stores = 5000 conditional items.

    If you track a larger number of conditional items, the cost will increase according to the tariff scale.

  • Automatic matching of goods by the Z-PRICE system

    Our system will automatically find your products on sites and link the necessary links.

    At the same time, we use a multi-stage check of bundles and their omissions!

    Therefore, even with the most difficult names of goods, our team will certainly provide you with high-quality monitoring.

  • Updating data every 2-3 hours

    Our service continuously indexes data from all online stores and marketplaces!

    Depending on the structure, protection, and volume of sites, a full update takes place on average every 2-3 hours.

    This approach is used absolutely for every client, without restrictions and any additional payments for the update frequency!

  • Storing the history of price changes for 365 days

    Data collected from all sites is stored in our data center for 365 days!

    Thanks to this, you will be able to analyze the dynamics of the actions of online stores about your products over a long period.

    At the same time, a variety of graphs, charts, and reports will give a clear vision of changes in the Internet channel.

  • Reports for uploading and data exchange via API

    You can upload data from our system either manually or automatically.

    Set up automated email reporting or fully integrate continuous communication with our API.

    We will configure the exchange of data in XML, YML, CSV, JSON, XLS, and other formats, as well as integrate into any third-party services you need.

  • 24/7 customer support and your personal account manager

    We will provide the best service for you!

    To do this, we have developed an internal ticket system for operational communication with the client, with the help of which you can always get an answer to your question from your account manager.

    We are also always in touch via Telegram bot, Email, and phone.

Effective Pricing
We do not just give you the 'raw' price data - we provide tools to find the best prices!
Apply metrics:
Number of offers on the market
Multicolored classification of competitors' prices
Rating distribution of your price among other prices
Get a real result:
  • Sales growth
  • Increasing the threshold for profitability
  • Increasing income
Advanced Data Collection
  • Marketplace monitoring
    Track your pricing policy on price platforms!
  • Monitoring of shares
    Control the promotional offers of your competitors!
  • Rating monitoring
    Stay on top of what products are on the top of popularity!
  • Delivery terms monitoring
    Track your pricing policy on price platforms!
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